Great ear wipes, big size

I love the size of these wipes. Most dog ear wipes are smaller and you have to use multiple ones just to wipe out both ears. My german shepherd didnt mind me cleaning his ears with these at all.
They have a nice clean scent, almost like a baby wipe.
My dog that gets chronic yeast infections in her ears didnt seem bothered by me using these wipes either. She doesn't like her ears messed with normally.
I would recommend these, and will probably continue to order this brand.

I love the results

I love the results!! And so does my 80 pound American Bulldog. She is 9 and has been slowing down. The vet said she has athritis in her back leg and in her spine. I already give her glucosamine and decided to add this to her daily diet. She has a sensitive stomach so I started with one. She gobbled it right up. I will say, she started passing the most horrific gas!!! After about 2 weeks, the gas slowed down so I up'ed it to two pills. Honestly, she was like a new dog! She got up quicker, less limping and a lot more energy. So much so, she started acting like she was two again, racing around the yard like a crazy women and tore her back ligament. These pills were like the fountain of youth for my dog. I also like that fact that they are made in the States. I am now purchasing my third containers of these.

Everyone is loving it!!!

Definitely a hit in our household 🐢🐢 I’ve been meaning to add Omega Oils to their diet for a while - I’m glad this makes it so easy! My older dog loves them and it seems to be helping with her joints and her coat! Plus they don't smell bad - I can’t stand the usual fishy smell of Omega supplements.